Collection history

Published : 12/20/2018 00:24:57
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Unicorn X Tomasylum Collection


For this collection we worked with a tattoo artist from the west coast of France named Tom Asylum. He draw all the graphics of the collection inspired by his hometown and lifestyle which mixes tattoos and surfing.

You’ll be able to find all kinds of sharks, boats and other aquatics skulls.thème aquatique.



Unicorn : Pirate Collection


This collection was drawned by our home tattoo artist Thibault Schulz. He mixed legendary creatures and myths of the seas and came up with some mermaids skulls, pirates and kraken for a collection which perfectly fits to its name.



Unicorn : Japan Collection 2


Back to Japan with a collection made by Thibault Schulz, quality produits designed and inspired after the Japan culture. You can find the Unicorn version of the Maneki-neko cat, a little bit of a trash version.. you can also find the Unicorn version of the Kanagawa wave, the most popular design of the first collection.



Unicorn : Japan Collection 1


Our first collection was designed by Thibault Schulz, he’s the official designer of our team. He took all the Japanese Classics like the Maneki-neko cat, which is the famous Japanese lucky cat. We also made a new Unicorn We are legends version of the famous Kanagawa wave. This is why you will find a skateboarding cat and a wave in shape of a Unicorn.