Justin Fouque

Published : 12/18/2018 10:12:20
Categories : Team

Introduction, name, age, city and years of riding :

Hey, my name is Justin Fouque, I’m 29 and I live in Marseille, I’ve been riding BMX for 15 years.

Contests, Travel, other sponsors:

I participated to a lot of competitions worldwide, Fise, Simple Session, Vans Kill the line, Vans Pro Cup and many others… I went few times to the USA, once to participate to the Van Doren Invitational in California , a Vans contest where they re-created my home spot: The bowl of Marseille.

Ambitions, work, family time

I’ve organized an event called the BMX rad jam which took place in 2017, it was awesome. We built a skatepark on a rooftop. I don’t really plan my life, I just ride my bike, travel, enter contests and film videos of my roadtrips. Later on I’ll most likely will be teaching BMX because I’ve got a diploma for this.

Since when are you riding with Unicorn WAL ?

I was the first one in the team, I was there from the beginning of the team. We have a lot of fun in our roadtrips.

Anyone you want to thank ?

Thanks to our boss VodK, Lucas for everything he’s doing for us, and all the Unicorn team. You rock!