Maxime Berton

Published : 12/18/2018 10:18:47
Categories : Team

Introduction, name, age, city and years of riding :

My name is Maxime Berton, I’m 23 yo, I was born in Annecy and I’ve been riding for 9 years, most of the time in Genève.

Contests, Travel, other sponsors :

I’ve never done much contests, but the first one was the Vans Pro Cup in Malaga where I ended up 16th in amateurs. I’ve travelled a lot with my bike, Mostly around Europe ( France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria) .

I also had the chance to travel to Austin- Texas, to California for the Unicorn trip, and to Peru. At the moment I have no personal edit, but I’m planning on doing one soon.

Ambitions, work, family time

I’m gonna try to keep on going with my life the way I do right now, keep riding my bike, spending time with my friends and enjoying my work. There is multiple things I’d like to do but at the moment I’m working as a bike seller.

Since when are you riding with Unicorn WAL ?

It’s been almost a year ! I already knew every rider but it’s good to be together in a team, We created more like a group of friends than just a regular team.

Anyone you would like to thank ?

I want to thank all the people working in the shadow of the brand and who’s doing this amazing work.

Also VodK who is putting so much energy for his brand to suit the French Bmx scene. I would also like to thank all the rider of the team, without them the trips wouldn’t have been as fun!