Raphael Chiquet

Published : 12/18/2018 10:50:36
Categories : Team

Introduction, name, age, city and years of riding :

Raphael Chiquet, 34 years old, from Epernay, I lived in Paris most of my life than in Reims for a bit, I’m now living in Montpellier. I’ve been riding for exactly 20 years !

Contests, Travel, other sponsors:

World Champion in Cologne in 2009, but that was a longtime ago, it doesn’t count anymore ahah!

I won the last step of the French Cup with Five Experience in 2018.

The best is to come !

I’ve travelled a lot but the biggest trips were :

  • Japan in 2002, it was my first travel out of Europe, this country is magic and I love it every time I go there.
  • I went to Columbia in 2008, I spent 3 weeks in this country that was unexpectedly very welcoming.
  • In 2009 I went in Côte d’Ivoire, It was my first time in Africa, It was mind blowing and I discovered a lot about politics and the troubles they’re having between north and south.
  • I went to the USA and Canada in 2017 with all my family, a lot of memories and unforgettable moments and landscapes.

About my sponsors, I’m getting helped by Paris Bmx for my bike and Jeewin is taking care of my skin.

Ambitions, work, family time :

I’ve had a break of 8 years from riding while I was working in Marketing for Monster Energy.

I felt like I’ve done in all in that job, I’ve met a lot of people and I’ve learnt a lot but I realized that it wasn’t the life I wanted. I quit my job and went back to riding my kids bike even though I was older than 30yo. I’ve really happy ti be back in BMX because it’s a time where a lot of things are evolving for this sport.

My ambition is to stay in the Bmx world for the following 15-20 years and to develop projets in the BMX world or in the extreme ports field.

I’m engaged to a wonderful woman, she started riding flatland and she’s progressing very rapidly . We already have 2 young boys that we love more than anything else, the oldest is 3 yo and already started riding bikes.

Since when are you riding with Unicorn WAL ?

I got in the team in September 2018. I’ve always appreciated the work done by Unicorn since they started, I like it because it’s half BMX and half mainstream.

I’m pretty happy they are choosing people that are important in the BMX community and not only with the number of followers or contests results. I’ve know my team mate Alex Bibollet for a while because we’re coming from the same town, and I’ve met Justin Fouque maybe 10 years ago. So when they asked me to join them in the team, I had so hesitation.

Anyone you want to thank ?

My other half, Céline and my two kids Gaston and Lazare, my parents and sisters, my friends who are there for me, especially Matthias who is from far the person who supports me the most.

Alain, Blandine, Vodk and Lucas from Unicorn, Lionel for the good tips. The French flatland scene because we are the best scene in the world ( equal with Japan).