Unicorn is connected to two secure reference payment systems: Stripe and Paypal
These two credit card payment systems are subject to an SSL type security system (the padlock on the left of your address bar followed by https://). We have adopted the SSL encryption process for our entire site, which is the current reference in data encryption on the Internet. All sensitive data related to payment methods are thus protected.

Payment by Paypal

  • With the Paypal solution you can pay for your purchases by billing your Paypal account or by credit card.
  • Open a free PayPal account, and make your purchases in complete security: your PayPal email and password are enough. With PayPal, the creation of the account and all your payments in euros are free.

Payment by Stripe :

  • Stripe is a major player in online payment with more than 100,000 customer websites
  • Stripe, like all the payment solutions we have chosen, is perfectly secure: your credit card details are never transmitted to us, even if the entry is simply made on our website.